About Us

Innox Group Pte Ltd is a company formed by pioneering executives from the direct sales and marketing industry. We have the experience in dealing with a huge range of products and services from more than 10 industries.

We deal with businesses like telecommunications, fiber broadband services, financial services, consumer products, educational courses and many more.

Most of our consultants are experienced and have networked with more than thousands of people in Singapore. This easily establish a connection of network we can offer to our clients.

Our company is looking forward to expand in the Asia region within the next five years. Making it easier for our clients to build their brand foundation.

Who We Are?

Director Eugene Tan – A financial industry specialist with more than 15 years of experiences in the finance field. 

Director Thomas Tan – Ex direct sale and marketing executive, Thomas is a pioneering executive in the industry leading a team of more than 100 consultants.

Director Jeff Lau – Similar as Thomas Tan,  Jeff Lau co pioneered as an executive in the direct sales marketing industry. Jeff Lau have also led a team of more than 100 executives.

Why Choose Us

At Innox Group Pte Ltd, we are committed to guaranteed  the return of investments to our clients. Therefore, we keep our clients interest as the goal of everything we do.

Here are the 5 core values of our team.

  • Honest and Integrity.
  • Disciplined.
  • Team advancement and improvement.
  • Communication and accountability.
  • Ready for challenge and achievement focused.

Awesome Results

Brand Development
Sales and Marketing
Target Driven
Return of Investment

Results of the 2016

Here is a graph chart of 3 different companies who have used our services.

Company A started their company in 2013 and growth in sales was slow. Therefore the company decided to engaged our consultants in 2014 and gradually attained a huge growth in Sales.

Company B was a 30 years establishment in Singapore. Due to economical change, they struggled to grow and eventually faced down sizing. Finally they approached us in year 2015 and managed to get back on track today as a top industry player.

Company C is a prominent start-up company. Enjoyed substantial growth from year 2013 to 2014 but lost most of it market share due to market competition. Similarly in 2015, our direct sales team marketed their services and they are expanding their businesses now.


Direct Sales and Marketing – We provide solutions to our clients by building customer connections to their businesses.

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Face to Face Sales Consultant – As the core forte of our business, we created many successful campaigns through such means.

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Residential Door to Door presentation – One of our biggest business segments is door to door presentation of products and services.

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Our Features

20 additional deals a day cannot be wrong, this will sum up to an additional of 7,300 clients a year. That is just the entry target for us.

Customer feedback, with our team constantly marketing our clients’ product. We are able to get the best feedback from the customers. The collected feedback allow our clients to fix their business issues.

More sales with lesser dispute, our team are trained to market with honesty when providing a solution to the customers. Therefore, our clients enjoy a hassle free experience to gain more time by improving their business.